• Lambretta / vespa size stainless show number plate

    Please insert registration number
    Please input whether you would like text ie SX200 on the back or if not then it will be supplied with K2 logo on the rear face

    Standard lambretta size 6 1/2" square number plate with corner holes to fit any series 1/2/3/gp model, even cento/starstream models.

    Constructed in heavy gauge stainless with outer border and spot welded letters for security. Black satin powder coated background and satin/semi polished stainless finish for a traditional look.

    Perfect finishing touch to any scooter or classic motorcycle.

    Six digit plates are to legal requirements in terms of font, letter size and spacing.

    Seven digit, even Irish plates can be made to fit this size plate but the letters may need shrinking in size and is at buyers discretion.

    Please ensure that you input your registration correctly and in Capital letters, no responsibility will be take for making plates where the details are input incorrectly. In the case of 7 digit registrations do not leave a gap as it will only accept the full registration without the space

    Note due to the hand crafted bespoke nature of this product lead time is 2-3 weeks